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The Jacks Valley Elementary School community will ensure each student a path to a bright future through continuous academics in a safe, kind, motivating, and positive environment.

Principal's Message


Welcome to the Jacks Valley Elementary School website. After twenty-five years of being principal at Jacks Valley, I am excited to continue to share important information about our school through this website. Please check this site regularly for updates on school events. You will find general information about our school including contact information for the staff. Please feel free to call if you ever have questions, concerns, or compliments.

I believe that all children need "people skills" to thrive peacefully and productively in today's world. I know that all children can learn, and our students can excel academically in all areas. Reading, writing, and arithmetic come first at our school. We are enthusiastic about learning and have built a community of learners at our school. We have goals to improve student achievement in literacy and math and to increase the family's involvement in their child's education. Here are just a few of our programs:


  • Eagle Tickets - Coupons are given to students who show random acts of kindness, following safety rules, and are ready to learn. Names are drawn throughout the week for recognition.
  • Clubs - Student Council, KJVE, and much more.
  • Jobs - 4th, and 5th grade students can apply for 20 different types of jobs within the school. Approximately 100 students work at jobs every twelve weeks.  Jobs include Flag Assistant, Intercom Announcer, and Tutor.
  • Mileage Club - Students earn foot tokens for running or walking miles during their recess time.
  • 100th Day - Every year our school celebrates the 100th day of school. This includes honoring perfect attendance, 100 miles ran, etc.
  • Brag Tags– Students earn patches for various positive actions and decisions that students make. These tags include: Got Caught Being Good, Reading Excellence, You Did It, Happy Birthday, Perfect Attendance, and Star Student. We make a point to highlight positive behavior at school and on the bus.
  • Appreciation Station- Students can earn a trip to a fun game room.
  • High Rise Dining - Students are chosen to eat lunch on the stage. 

Here are just a few of our celebrations throughout the year:

  • Back to School Popsicles on the Playground:  Every year, we invite families to come and visit classrooms, get a tour of the school, and meet and greet everyone.
  • Fall Festival:  We have a very fun evening in October for families to come and enjoy food, play games, and hoe down together. This also includes our famous haunted hallway!
  • Sock Hop:  A 50's dance for the family with games, dinner, and contests.
  • Family Nights:  We have held a variety of different evening events for families such as Book Fair, Game Night, Family Activity Night, and more.
  • Literacy and Art Fair:  Every year, we celebrate both of these events by performing, sharing art, and having fun together.
  • Block E Celebration:  A time for 4th and 5th grade students to be celebrated for earning the award; usually it is in March.
  • Kindergarten Graduation:  Last full day of school for kindergartners who will cross the stage upon completion of kindergarten.
  • Awards Ceremony:  Last day of school in which students are presented with numerous awards.

We love our students and they love to learn.